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CANGO partners with American’s financial advisors – FSVC – to train CSOs on budget reform advocacy, monitoring and tracking techniques

FSVC/CANGO – “CSOs on Expenditure Monitoring Tools"

Ezulwini 2018-01-29

CANGO in partnership with the Financial Services Volunteer Corps through USAID funding facilitated and hosted a capacity-building session for Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to better monitor and track budget expenditure for accountability in advocacy and raising awareness.

CSOs were made aware on 6 modules: budget process, public policy priorities and the budget, planning and economics, technical elements, budget evaluation and advocating for change.

Budget processes include policy and direction-setting; budget-formulation; budget enactment; budget implementation and auditing whereas advocacy actions seek for public participation through factsheets, surveys, ballots, workshops and other citizen-initiated engagement techniques to influence the budget process.

It’s up to civil society organisations to use these techniques to influence the outcome using some of the simple possible advocacy methods.