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SA’s Deputy Social Development Minister Bogopane-Zulu pays CANGO a visit


The Coordinating Assembly of Non-Governmental Organisations (CANGO) hosted the South African Deputy Minister for Social Development, Hendrietta Bogopane-Zulu’s delegation on to discuss the work of NGOs in nation-building.

Bogopane-Zulu met with the CANGO Executive Director Emmanuel Ndlangamandla to share ideas on mainstreaming disability issues, governance and the empowerment of people with disabilities.
She said PDWs face many challenges as one of the minority groups due to many factors, therefore needed to be empowered through provision of opportunities without discrimination.
People with disabilities are affiliated to CANGO through to the Federation of the Organisations of the Disabled in Swaziland (FODSWA) and advocate for policy reforms among other mandates.