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The Ewaziland Children’s Consortium Congratulates His Majesty the King III for Signing the Sexual Offences & Domestic Violence Bill into an Act


The Children’s Consortium under the auspices of CANGO together with the Children’s Unit under the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office and all the partners we have been working with acknowledges and congratulates His Majesty King Mswati III for assenting the Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence bill into an Act of law.

The coming into effect of the Sexual Offences Act is a step in the right direction for the protection of the most vulnerable groups in Eswatini. This Act signifies victory for the vulnerable groups including children who have been victims of abuse and violence at the hands of their perpetrators.
While the Kingdom of Eswatini has ratified all International Human Rights conventions, including the Convention on the Elimination of all Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and the SADC Protocol on Gender & Development, as well having recognized several of these rights in the Constitution, the Act presents an opportunity to domesticate some of these International instruments.
With this Act in place, it is anticipated that the high prevalence of sexual offences and domestic violence cases that have resulted in the loss of lives especially of women and girls will be evidently reduced. Further, the law will ensure complete justice delivery for survivors and their families.
We recognize and appreciate the efforts by His Majesty’s Government to put in place a comprehensive National strategy to end violence in Eswatini by 2022, one of whose key result areas is law reform and review.
We view this Act (Sexual Offences & Domestic Violence) as a critical factor in achieving the success of this strategy.
We note that the coming into effect of this Act will help change the attitudes and behavior norms which are the root causes of gender based violence in Eswatini.
As organizations and Ministry working for the protection and rights of children, we commit ourselves to support our Government in operationalizing the Act by creating public awareness and relevant service providers for full and effective implementation.