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Principal Judge Qinisile urges more leadership from NGOs


Happy Valley Hotel 2018-09-27

To expound the debate on the participation of women in decision making, Principal Judge of the High Court urged NGOs to continue the empowerment of women given their unique fluid position in the society with reach to grassroots and across other sectors and dimensions.

“In order to make gender equality and equity a reality, NGOs must continue their constant and unwavering fights to secure women’s rights in all walks of life such as social political educational, economic, households and religious communities,” Judge Mabuza said.

The Honarable Judge urged NGOs to adopt internal women participation indecision-making policies; to generate evidence-based advocacy by collecting and sharing data on reasons of the lack of women in decision making positions; conduct more civic education programmes on promoting women participation with the aim of behaviour-change and women’s right consciousness; periodically publish a woman in development barometer where all sectors can be included to report status and measure of progress and; to embark on leadership training and capacity building programmes targeting women in various sectors of society especially young women.

“Unless positive changes in all these fronts are achieved in a balanced and holistic manner women empowerment will be elusive. NGOs have the capacity to be the conduit for change in all these fronts.