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CANGO Secretariat 2018-10-10

As it is expected of Members of Parliament (MPs) to elect 10 Senators and four women as per the dictates of the Constitution and electoral laws, the Human Rights and Governance Consortium under the auspices of the Coordinating Assembly of NGOs (CANGO) views this as a very important task, especially towards women participation, commitments the country has made.

It is in this light that we call upon MPs to exercise this responsibility with the national interest in mind.
The country is facing enormous economic challenges, fiscal crisis, poverty, high level of unemployment especially amongst the youth, and other pressing national issues. This therefore presents an opportunity for Parliament to send back strong signals to the electorate that they understand they plight and as elected with the capacity to change things for the better for them, so be it.
Winning elections is the beginning of the electorate’s expectations which they first expressed through the vote. Now it has come to MPs to do the same.
As media reported on the going lobbying by those who seek to be elected to Senate and House of Assembly, it is the duty of those who will be casting the vote now to ask themselves critical questions such as: are these aspiring individuals of calibre, committed to fight corruption and promote justice for all; what of their commitment to promote good governance and human rights in particular the rights of women, disabled, children and elderly; or do they have the capacity to contribute to resuscitating the country from serious developmental challenges?
Nations are judged by particularly how they cater for its vulnerable, including people living with disabilities. The interests of people living with disabilities cannot be sorted without them as their issues are better known by them. Therefore, it must be ensured that people living with disabilities are represented.
It is time for MPs to put the country first above their own interests. It is time they restore faith bestowed upon them by the electorate they represent. Should they not roll-up their leaves and help the country, they would have failed people participation under the current political set-up and these crises confronting the nation will continue, consequences of which might be serious.

Statement by:
Nkosingphile Myeni
Communications Officer