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‘Cry the beloved country’ over GVB’ – EU


CANGO Secretariat 2018-12-11

On another note, the EU Ambassador to Eswatini, Her Excellency Esmeralda Hernandez Aragones, has expressed sadness in continued reports of gender-based violence which are reported in the media.

“Before I conclude; Ladies and gentlemen, the commemoration of the International Human Rights Day takes place within the period of the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence. I am saddened to read everyday in the media the painful reports of gender-based violence and brutality against women,” she said in a statement during the commemoration of the Human Rights Day held at Ezulwini on Monday.
“The EU calls upon everyone to stand up and raise their voice against this shameful act of gender-based violence,” she said while calling for the enforcement of the ‘full might of the recently enacted Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Act to punish offenders.’
“I also call upon communities to play their role in exposing and reporting these cases of gender-based violence which often time happens in our communities where we live. Instead of beating our women and children, let us empower them to actively and equally participate in the political, economic and leadership activities of our country” she said.
There has been over a 50 percent increase in the number of reported cases of gender-based violence.
Just within the 16 Days of activism campaign, civil society and concerned individuals have intensified advocacy for the elimination of gender-based violence by going to the courts across the country in support of victims of abuse, calling for the full might of the law to take place against perpetrators.
On 28 November 2018, among other days, human rights activists marched at the city of Manzini to the Manzini Magistrates Courts demanding justice for Ellan DuPont (27).
It is alleged that DuPont died after an ex-boyfriend stalked, raped and strangled her to death with a belt for ending their relationship while she endured abuse.
The matter is yet to continue in court and the suspect is remanded in custody for the charges.
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