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CANGO has been awarded a grant by ARISA to facilitate implementation of a project titled ‘Fostering an Enabling Environment for Free Media and Digital Media in Eswatini’. One of the objectives is Capacity building to strengthen the Media Consortium to utilize alternative media to avert the shrinking space and enhance liberties; including freedom of expression, association & assembly, and right to privacy. Within this project, consortium members are to assist to establish online spaces. 

Specific Objective Of The Assignment

The assignment is aimed at capacitating media consortium members as identified, to establish online social/communication platforms. This is intended to contribute to freedom of expression and freedom of assembly which CANGO strongly and actively advocates for. Facilitating access to credible information which creates plurality also part of this assignment. 

Supervision & Contact  

Supervision and contact for the consultant / firm will be primarily carried out by the Advocacy and Communications Officer and the Advocacy and Coordination Manager, the final product will be approved by the Executive Director together with the Senior Management of CANGO.

Scope of work and Deliverebles

The consultant is to develop websites, social media platforms i.e. twitter, facebook and set up an internet radio platform. The hired company / Vendor / Agency/ consultant will be required to create (design, develop, test and implement) the solutions within the designated timeline which meets the following criteria:


  • Interactive, appealing, highly usable and responsive web design: Web Designs are very subjective, we expect the hired company to show-case their best elements in delivering web design options. The design and solution must be easy to use
  • Average site load-time should be reasonable
  • Search engine friendly
  • Able to render appropriately on a wide variety of different browsers
  • Be Secure: The design of the solution should adhere to security best practices
  • Secured & Authenticated Web Access Web solution should be secured in accordance with current best practices, for example through the use of an SSL Certificate and appropriate access control methods. Access to web solution to be authenticated.
  • Content Management: The solution should allow authorised staff (or appointed personnel) to edit and update the website including the ability to create, remove, edit and publish content.
  • Knowledge transfer: Develop a user manual and deliver a webinar for the support staff and system administrators to perform content upload, system maintenance and administration – for both website and webcasting solution
  • Site Statistics/Management Reports: The solution should provide authorised users with a number of relevant reports, for example number of registrations for newsletters, site usage, and other relevant statistical data.
  • Social Network Integration
  • The webcast solution should be easily accessible, easy to use and linked to the website
  • In developing proposal, consultant should ensure the solutions are not costly in terms of maintenance and sustainability

Webcasting solution

The webcasting solution should have:  

  • Efficient Radio Manager software
  • High broadcasting quality (up to 320Kbps) and also offer a low bandwidth AAC+ stream (between 32 and 64 Kbps) for mobile-optimized listening
  • Unlimited simultaneous listeners
  • Advanced statistics
  • Availability of statistics to better understand audience
  • Sound processing for a balanced broadcasting volume
  • A stream that’s accessible everywhere, even behind a firewall


The identified Media Consortium member organisations will hold exclusive rights to all design and other work products contained on the solutions. The consultant will develop and deliver the product to the beneficiary. The beneficiary holds exclusive rights to the products. 

Proposal Structure

Quotations should be structured as follows and provide complete details as indicated: 

  1. Company Profile (Board of Directors, Office location(s); key staff to be involved in website and webcast and their relevant experience etc.);
  2. Understanding of the Scope of Work;
  3. Proposed Methodology / Approach and detailed Timeline with Deliverables;
  4. Proposed Technology (with justification);-please highlight the pros & cons of the technology proposed;
  5. Team Strength (who will work on this project);
  6. Detailed Cost Break-up (Design, Programming, AMC*, SSL Certificate, Security Audit, Hosting* (* with recurring charges. Example: 1st Year and for next 2 to 5), Maintenance;
  7. Details of SEO strategy and training of Project Personnel in how to go about creating and managing content; Analytics and website monitoring report capabilities;
  8. Sample(s) of similar work-done (please list active web address and webcasting platforms done);
  9. Hosting Service (if you provide such services).
  10. Links to good examples of work already completed by the consultant once a contract has been signed, within 14 working days, a mock-up of the proposed website should be presented to the CANGO team.

* Latest Tax clearance Certificate  

  1. Deadline

Proposals should be submitted by 18 November 2022 at 10 AM

All applications should be emailed to: communications@cango.org.sz  & copy  cango@cango.org.sz 

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