International Budget Partnership (IBP) Open Budget Survey (IBP)

Advancing Civic Engagement for Transformed Futures Eswatini
June 14, 2022
SADC Integrated Institutional Capacity Building Project
June 14, 2022

Government budget decisions – what taxes to levy, what services to provide, and how much debt to take on – have important consequences for all people in society. When governments provide information and meaningful channels for the public to engage in these decisions, we can better ensure public money is spent on public interests.

The Open Budget Survey (OBS) is the world’ s only independent, comparative and fact-based research instrument that uses internationally accepted criteria to assess public access to central government budget information; formal opportunities for the public to participate in the national budget process; and the role of budget oversight institutions, such as legislatures and national audit offices, in the budget process. The survey measures Transparency, Public Participation, and Budget oversight. CANGO has participated in three rounds of the survey; 2017, 2019. 2021.

Visit  for more information, including the full OBS methodology, the 2021 Global and Regional Reports, findings for all surveyed countries, and the Data Explorer.

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