NGOs make inputs to the 2023 NGO Bill

World Environment Day 2023
June 5, 2023
Regional Youth Dialogue in Lubombo
June 12, 2023

Following a consultative workshop on the 2023 NGO Bill held by the Ministry of Home Affairs, on 7 June 2023 a number of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) came together to review and make inputs to the 2023 NGO Bill. The Bill seeks to establish a board of NGOs to administer the registration of NGOs and to create a transparent and self-regulating environment to allow development in Eswatini. This exercise was conducted at Mountain View Hotel in Mbabane and was funded by CANGO.

Inputs and submissions were made to the bill by the various organisations present. Whilst there are some concerns regarding some sections of the Bill, CANGO and partners acknowledge the Ministry of Home Affairs for developing this draft legislation and also look forward to working with the ministry and other stakeholders in ensuring a conducive environment for NGOS in order to improve the quality of life of Emaswati. 

CANGO and partners look forward to the next session of the NGO Bill review and hope the ever present culture of collaboration continues.

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