Regional Youth Dialogue in Lubombo

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June 12, 2023
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June 29, 2023

On 10 June 2023, Super buddies club hosted a youth regional round table in collaboration with CANGO on the following topics: the state of the economy, tax regime and increase of taxes, scholarships, and GBV prevalence. This dialogue occurred at Libulini, Ntamakuphila church in Zion, in the Lubombo region, joined by Charles Weslye high school, Gamula high school, and others. This dialogue is a first of a series of dialogues funded by CANGO through the OSISA Futures 2 project.

Speakers included the Eswatini Revenue Authority, where tax was discussed including VAT in Eswatini and how it’s charged through our daily purchases and collected from businesses. Also, the authority elaborated on SACU which is a union to enhance trade opportunities and regional collaboration in the Southern African region. 

Also present was the ministry of Labour and Social Security discussing scholarships which included entry requirements, who is legible for the allowance, and what the allowance caters for. The ministry further explained that as from this year, cut of points from best 5 subjects to study for a degree is minimum of 30 points for a diploma is a minimum of 28 points. This was concluded by a provision of the skills priority.

Our last two speakers for the day was Makhosazana Fakudze from super buddies and  Police Officer Mafu from the crime prevention department in Libulibi police station, of which GBV was discussed including the causes of GBV, Types of GBV, consequences of GBV, Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence act 2018, and Children’s Protection and Welfare Act of 2012. 

Of importance was the interactive dialogue session which the youth participants voiced their views on the above topics of discussion. This is imperative as youth voices need to be heard and considered on maters which affect them. The youth is the most affected in regards to the state of the economy including unemployment, tax, scholarships, GBV, SRHR and more. Lastly, CANGO thanks all stakeholders who came to together for the successful dialogue and also facilitating inputs from the youth on these imperative development matters. 

Youth Voices Matter!

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